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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

  • Thursday, February 20, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • McWane Science Center, 200 19th Street, North Birmingham, AL 35203


Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (Girl Day or IGEday) is a worldwide campaign promoted by Discover E to introduce girls to the fascinating world of engineering.  The goals of this event are to
  • introduce girls to powerful role models,

  • enhance their understanding of engineering, and

  • encourage engineering or technical careers. 

Please join us in this fun event and together we can make a difference in a girl’s decision for her future career.   
Volunteers are needed!  Volunteers can participate in demonstrations, hands on activities, and booths that indicate the daily job of engineers.  Please respond with your commitment and any ideas you may have on the program content. Shunna Cannon, 
Corporate sponsors are needed!  If your company is interested in sponsoring, please contact: Michelle Ballew, 

Who will attend?  Girls who have demonstrated an interest in STEM are selected by their teachers.  Girls who would like to attend on a individual basis should contact their teacher or ask a parent to contact Alicia Bailey at the email below. If you want a particular school invited and have a school contact, please send to

Alicia Bailey, 

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