Engineering Council of Birmingham

The Engineering Council of Birmingham (ECOB) is a society of engineering, scientific and technical  societies located in the greater Birmingham metropolitan area, including Anniston, Gadsden and Tuscaloosa.  We work together to coordinate and promote general professional, education, civic and social activities which are beyond the scope of any individual Society.  Each year, we host a banquet during e-week to honor engineers in our member societies and raise money for the ECOB Foundation which awards scholarships to high school seniors who have been accepted to ABET accredited engineering programs in Alabama.

Any and all engineering, scientific or related technical organizations  or societies are invited to join .

ECOB was founded in the 1950's to coordinate activities and communications among local engineering societies in the Birmingham area. In the last few years ECOB has expanded its geographical area to extend from the cities of Anniston to Gadsden to Tuscaloosa with Birmingham remaining at the heart of the Council. The council has a diverse group of societies that range from educational, professional, and specialty trade associations. They are all related in some way to the fields of engineering, technology, construction, consulting, as well as promotion and education of students for these related fields in industry. 


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